• Indigenous Wage Subsidy - phase out

    The Indigenous Wage Subsidy (IWS) will no longer be available as a discrete programme, however, wage subsidy and other supports for employers of Indigenous job seekers will still be available.

    For existing approved IWS clients the Department of Employment will continue to support IWS approved application claims for the duration of the 13 and 26 week employment outcomes.

    Support for Indigenous jobseekers and employers will be available through jobactive, a consolidated $1.2 billion national wage subsidy pool, and through new Indigenous employment targets.

    For Indigenous employees who commence employment on or before 30 June 2015, new applications for the current IWS scheme will continue to be accepted until 28 July 2015, and assessed for eligibility.

    For assistance in determining eligibility for employment commencement on or before 30 June 2015, please submit an enquiry at

  • The Pathway to an Indigenous Australian Apprenticeship - Flowchart

    This Flowchart summarises the steps to finding an Apprenticeship or Traineeship.

  • GenerationOne

    GenerationOne's mission is to end the disparity between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians in one generation through employment.

  • Vocational Training and Employment Centres (VTEC)

    VTECs connect Indigenous job seekers with guaranteed jobs and bring together the support services necessary to prepare job seekers for long term employment. The guarantee of a job before job-specific training starts is the key feature of VTECs. It ensures:
    • vocational or job-specific training is directly related to available jobs
    • employers can recruit Indigenous job seekers with the right skills for specific jobs
    • job seekers are responsible for opting into available jobs
    • the commitment of job seekers is rewarded with guaranteed employment.

    Up to 5000 guaranteed jobs will be delivered by 2015.

  • General information for Indigenous Australians[0]=im_field_audience%3A2089

    Dept of Employment website providing information about employment services and community projects designed specifically for Indigenous Australians.

  • Inspirational Indigenous Stories

    This video series from NSW Department of Education and Training was developed to show young Indigenous students some of the learning and training opportunities available to them through apprenticeships, traineeships and vocational training.

  • Indigenous Youth Mobility Program

    The Indigenous Youth Mobility Programme (IYMP) is part of the Australian Government’s Indigenous Advancement Strategy (IAS)

    Through the IYMP, Indigenous young people (aged 16-24) from remote areas can, with the support of their families and community, relocate to one of the IYMP Host Locations in Cairns, Townsville, Toowoomba, Newcastle, Dubbo, Canberra, Shepparton, Adelaide, Perth or Darwin to complete the qualifications they need to obtain sustainable employment. 

  • Making Indigenous Australian Apprenticeships Your Business

    The government and Canberra Institute of Technology have updated this resource for organisations involved in implementing and promoting Australian Apprenticeships with Indigenous communities and clients.

    Click through to see further information and to download this resource from the government's Australian Apprenticeships website.

  • Health Heroes

    This campaign aims to attract more people to work in the area of indigenous health.

  • Aboriginal Employment Strategy GTO

    The Aboriginal Employment Strategy Group Training Organisation is the National leader for Aboriginal School Based Traineeships.

  • jobactive

    Search for a local Employment Services provider. Employment Services providers help Australians into work and help employers find the right staff for their business.

    Providers will help ensure employment and training services meet the needs of Indigenous job seekers, Indigenous businesses and employers.

  • Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (Apprenticeship Network) providers

    Apprenticeship Network providers operate in every state and territory to provide assistance to employers, Australian Apprentices and training providers throughout the duration of the Australian Apprenticeship. Apprenticeship Network providers can provide information on incentives and initiatives including those specifically applicable to Indigenous Australians.

  • Group Training Organisations

    Group training organisations (GTOs) are registered in all states and territories with the aim of increasing the number of apprentice and trainees in specific industry, regional and equity target areas to help meet state and national priorities. GTOs employ apprentices and trainees, manage their placement to host employers and ensure they receive appropriate training from registered training organisations (RTOs).
    Contact a local GTO to find out how they can assist people in their Australian Apprenticeships search. 

  • Registered Training Organisations

    Registered training organisations (RTOs) provide training, support and assess apprentices/trainees. Registered training providers include include TAFE colleges, private and community training organisations, schools, higher education institutions and some large employers. RTOs provide additional services and support to Indigenous Australians.