• Support for Adult Australian Apprentices Initiative

    The Support for Adult Australian Apprentices initiative provides financial support to an eligible employer of an adult Australian Apprentice through the Australian Apprenticeships Incentives Programme. The purpose of the Support for Adult Australian Apprentices initiative is to remove barriers for Adult Australian Apprentices and to encourage up-skilling by adult workers through an Australian Apprenticeship.

    For more information contact an Apprenticeship Network provider.

  • National Skills Needs List Explained

    Eligibility for some Australian Apprenticeships incentives and personal benefits is limited to those in traditional trades identified as experiencing a national skills shortage. Trades experiencing persistent skills shortage are included on the National Skills Needs List which is based on detailed labour market research conducted by the Department of Education.

  • Australian Brick and Blocklaying Training Foundation

    $1,000 Brickstart Subsidy ($2,000 in Queensland, $4,000 in Tasmania) may be paid to employers over the term of a bricklaying  apprenticeship.

  • The National Apprenticeship Program

    An innovative new national apprenticeship program is assisting up to 1000 experienced workers by having their existing skills recognised and then complete all the competencies required to obtain a full trade qualification within 18 months.