Industry Skills Councils

Industry Skills Councils have been replaced by Skills Service Organisations (SSOs)
A range of Government-led reforms to the Vocational Education and Training system are currently underway and include changes to the process for developing Training Packages.

The Department of Education and Training has contracted a number of new bodies (Service Skills Organisations or SSOs) to provide ‘a range independent, professional enabling activities to support Industry Reference Committees to review and develop training products, including Training Packages’.
Skills Service Organisations (SSOs) were announced on 27 January 2016. 
The successful SSOs are:
- SkillsIQ
- Artibus Innovation
- Skills Impact Limited
- PricewaterhouseCoopers Australia
- Australian Industry Standards Limited.

Arrangements have been put in place for the Mining and Drilling, the Manufacturing and the Automotive sectors. The Industry Reference Committees (IRCs) for these sectors will receive support from their former Industry Skills Councils until their SSO is identified:
- SkillsDMC
- Manufacturing Skills Australia
- Auto Skills Australia

Click here for a list of the IRCs and Training Packages allocated to each SSO is available.
  • Industry Skills Councils

    This ISC website is no longer being maintained as a portal to the ISCs and their work, and information may become out-date.

  • AgriFood Skills Australia

    Industry sectors: Agriculture, Horticulture and Conservation and Land Management ; Animal Care and Management; Australian Meat Industry; Food Processing; Racing; and the Seafood Industry.

  • Auto Skills Australia

    Auto Skills Australia (ASA) is the body responsible for the development and maintenance of nationally accredited automotive training qualifications in Australia. Industry sectors: Automotive Manufacturing and Automotive Industry Retail, Service and Repair.

  • Community Services & Health Industry Skills Council

    Major industry sectors: Community Services and Health.

  • Construction and Property Services Industry Skills Council

    Industries: Property Services and Construction, Plumbing & Services.

  • Energy Skills Australia

    Industry sectors: Electrotechnology; Generation; Transmission and Distribution; and Gas. 

  • Forestworks

    Major industry sectors: Forest and Forest Products and Pulp & Paper Manufacturing.

  • Government Skills Australia

    Major industry sectors: Correctional Services; Local Government; Public Sector; Water Industry; and Public Safety.

  • Innovation and Business Skills Australia

    Major industry sectors: Business Services; Cultural Industries (Music, Screen and Media, Live Performance and Entertainment, Library Information and Cultural Services, Arts and Culture); Training and Education; Financial Services; Information Technology, Integrated Telecommunications; Printing and Graphic Arts; and Foundation Skills.

  • Manufacturing Skills Australia

    Industry sectors: Metal and Engineering; Manufacturing; Aeroskills; Chemicals, Hydrocarbons & Refining; Plastics, Rubber and Cablemaking; Laboratory Operations; Manufactured Mineral Products; Furnishing; Textiles; Clothing and Footwear; and Sustainability.

  • Service Skills Australia

    Major industry sectors: Travel, Tourism & Hospitality; Beauty; Sport, Fitness and Recreation; Floristry; Funeral Services; Hairdressing; and Retail Services (including Wholesale & Community Pharmacy).

  • SkillsDMC Industry Skills Council

    Industry sectors: Resources and Infrastructure (formerly Coal; Civil Construction; Extractive Industries; Construction Materials; Drilling; and Metalliferous Mining).

  • Transport & Logistics Industry Skills Council

    Major industry sectors: Transport and Logistics; Aviation; and Maritime.