Industry Skills Councils

Australia’s Industry Skills Councils bring together industry, educators and governments and unite them on a common industry-led agenda for action on skills and workforce development.

Industry Skills Councils are recognised and funded by the Australian Government, and are governed by independent, industry led boards.

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  • Industry Skills Councils

    Industry Skills Councils have grouped together information and links to their websites.

  • AgriFood Skills Australia

    Industry sectors: Agriculture, Horticulture and Conservation and Land Management ; Animal Care and Management; Australian Meat Industry; Food Processing; Racing; and the Seafood Industry.

  • Auto Skills Australia

    Auto Skills Australia (ASA) is the body responsible for the development and maintenance of nationally accredited automotive training qualifications in Australia. Industry sectors: Automotive Manufacturing and Automotive Industry Retail, Service and Repair.

  • Community Services & Health Industry Skills Council

    Major industry sectors: Community Services and Health.

  • Construction and Property Services Industry Skills Council

    Industries: Property Services and Construction, Plumbing & Services.

  • Energy Skills Australia

    Industry sectors: Electrotechnology; Generation; Transmission and Distribution; and Gas. 

  • Forestworks

    Major industry sectors: Forest and Forest Products and Pulp & Paper Manufacturing.

  • Government Skills Australia

    Major industry sectors: Correctional Services; Local Government; Public Sector; Water Industry; and Public Safety.

  • Innovation and Business Skills Australia

    Major industry sectors: Business Services; Cultural Industries (Music, Screen and Media, Live Performance and Entertainment, Library Information and Cultural Services, Arts and Culture); Training and Education; Financial Services; Information Technology, Integrated Telecommunications; Printing and Graphic Arts; and Foundation Skills.

  • Manufacturing Skills Australia

    Industry sectors: Metal and Engineering; Manufacturing; Aeroskills; Chemicals, Hydrocarbons & Refining; Plastics, Rubber and Cablemaking; Laboratory Operations; Manufactured Mineral Products; Furnishing; Textiles; Clothing and Footwear; and Sustainability.

  • Service Skills Australia

    Major industry sectors: Travel, Tourism & Hospitality; Beauty; Sport, Fitness and Recreation; Floristry; Funeral Services; Hairdressing; and Retail Services (including Wholesale & Community Pharmacy).

  • SkillsDMC Industry Skills Council

    Industry sectors: Resources and Infrastructure (formerly Coal; Civil Construction; Extractive Industries; Construction Materials; Drilling; and Metalliferous Mining).

  • Transport & Logistics Industry Skills Council

    Major industry sectors: Transport and Logistics; Aviation; and Maritime.