Cattle Station Hand

Certificate III in Agriculture - AHC30110

Job Description

Employees are experienced station hands likely to be involved in co-ordinating a wide range of agricultural operations including planting and harvesting crops, implementing animal and crop husbandry practices, servicing and repairing farm equipment and machinery, designing and constructing fencing, loading and unloading livestock, and installing and maintaining farm water supplies and irrigation systems.

Summary of Training

CORE UNITS (2 required)

  • Contribute to OHS processes
  • Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices

ELECTIVE UNITS (14 required)

  • Coordinate worksite activities
  • Establish pastures and crops for livestock production
  • Work effectively in an emergency disease or plant pest response
  • Establish agricultural crops
  • Undertake agricultural crop harvesting activities
  • Implement feeding plans for livestock
  • Implement animal health control programs
  • Prepare animals for parturition
  • Prepare for and implement natural mating of livestock
  • Identify and draft livestock
  • Operate tractors
  • Perform machinery maintenance
  • Conduct manual fumigation of vertebrate and invertebrate pests
  • Keep records for a primary production business

Other Details


Please be aware that this Sample Training Program is designed to be a guide only to the selection of non-core units. Alternative combinations of units may be selected. In some cases Australian Apprentices may also have to complete prerequisite units. Employers and Australian Apprentices should seek advice from Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (Apprenticeship Network) providers or Registered Training Organisation for more detail.