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  • NEW Training Package Qualifications – Recent Registration in States and Territories

    Updated 16th August 2017 - Attached is a summary of the qualifications that have recently been registered in each State and Territory.

  • NEW NCVER Australian Apprentice and Trainee Statistics, December Quarter 2016

    The National Centre for Vocational Education and Research (NCVER) has released "Australian vocational education and training statistics: Apprentices and Trainees", for the December Quarter 2016.

  • NEW Upcoming Career and Professional Development Events

    Check out the latest listing of Career events/expos and Professional Development events across Australia.

    Let us know of any related events by email to contact@aatinfo.com.au

  • AVETRA annual conference day 1 wrap-up

    The 20th annual AVETRA conference was held at William Angliss Institute of TAFE on 19 and 20 April 2017.  Across three keynotes, six concurrent sessions and a panel session two key themes emerged: the need to expand the VET trained workforce including through apprenticeships and traineeships, and understanding the best ways to ensure a skilled workforce. Have a look at our AVETRA Day One wrap up by clicking on the link.

  • Australian Apprentice and Trainee Statistics Summary Document - September Quarter 2016

    The attached document provides a summary of the Apprenticeship and Traineeship statistics for each State and Territory for the September Quarter 2016.

    This statistical data has been sourced from the National Centre for Vocational Education and Research (NCVER) "Australian vocational education and training statistics: Apprentices and Trainees", September Quarter 2016 release.

  • Current Multi Industry School Based and Pre Apprenticeship Support Pilot Project (MIP)

    Skills4trade pre-employment program - regional NSW
    Skillset Workforce are launching Skills4trade pre-employment program for 15-24 year across a range of industries commencing at the start of February 2017. These courses are available across a number of locations across Central West NSW. Click here to find out more 
    Automotive Pre Apprenticeship Tasmania
    The TACC project aims to provide participants with the opportunity to have a “hands on” trial of 3 different automotive industries (mechanical, body repair and auto electrical).  To find out more click here.

  • AusAppPathways mobile app

    AusAppPathways is a new app that helps students at the beginning of their career research to explore the many apprenticeship and traineeship pathway options.
    AusAppPathways is available for both Apple and Android devices.
    The app allows students to browse from general industry options to apprenticeship and traineeship occupation information, saving and sharing their ideas as they go.
    Students can search for occupation and training descriptions that are suited to Australian School-based Apprenticeships and filter results by State and Territory.
    The AusAppPathways app also provides information and helpful links on job hunting and career research as well as contact information for local Apprenticeship Network providers and a link to Group Training Organisation listings.
    AusAppPathways’ content is dynamically drawn from the Australian Apprenticeships Pathways website (aapathways.com.au). The resource is managed by the Australian Apprenticeships and Traineeships Information Service, an initiative funded by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training.  
    You can watch a short video presentation on the AusAppPathways app on YouTube by clicking here

  • Australian Apprenticeships Pathways and AusAppPathways Cards

    These small cards are available to order, at no cost.

    The cards promote the Australian Apprenticeships Pathways website and the AusAppPathways mobile app.

    They are handy to use in information kits or as handouts in schools, and at job and careers expos.

    To order, please email your organisation name, delivery address and the quantity required to the AAT Information Service at contact@aatinfo.com.au.

  • AusAppPathways Flyer

    An A4 sized flyer highlighting the benefits of the new AusAppPathways app for people undertaking apprenticeships and traineeships career research, is available to organisations working with students and jobseekers.

    The flyer can be downloaded here, or printed copies can be ordered through the Australian Apprenticeships and Traineeships Information Service.

    Printed copies of an A3 size small poster version can also be ordered.

    To order these free materials, please email your organisation name, delivery address and the quantity required to the AAT Information Service at contact@aatinfo.com.au, or call 1800 338 022.

  • Guide to Using AusAppPathways

    These instructions illustrate how to 'tap through' the levels of information on AusAppPathways when searching for apprenticeship and traineeship ideas. 

  • Career Interest Explorer

    The Australian Apprenticeships and Traineeships Information Service has launched a new resource on the Australian Apprenticeships Pathways website.  

    The Career Interest Explorer aims to help students and jobseekers identify the strength of their interests across seven broad work types.

    From the outcomes of the Explorer people can search for related information based on specific occupation ideas, or industry wide career information, all available on the Australian Apprenticeships Pathways website.

    The resource can be used independently or it can be part of careers discussions with career advisers in schools and other service providers networks.

  • Construction Industry Employers Discuss Recruitment

    Students and jobseekers can watch employers talk about their approach to recruiting and interviewing apprentices in the new “Australian Apprenticeships Construction Pathways – Employer Stories” videos available on our "Australian Apprenticeships – My Gain" YouTube channel (www.mygain.com.au).

  • About this Website

    The attached brochure illustrates the key features of the AAT Info website.

  • Follow us on Twitter

    The AAT Information Service will now be Tweeting when key information is uploaded to the websites - www.aatinfo.com.au and www.aapathways.com.au.

    Tweets will provide a notice of information sessions, information on new resources and also updates to the Service's database of qualifications registered in each State and Territory. 

  • 'Self Help' Resource

    Attached is a poster highlighting the essential content areas of the Australian Apprenticeships Pathways website.  The resource aims to help prompt jobseekers and students to "self help" when researching potential Australian Apprenticeships directions.

    The poster is ideal for display at job expos and in client contact areas of offices and schools.  The document can be printed as a small A3 size poster or in A4 as a resource for populating information kits.

  • The Pathway to an Australian Apprenticeship - Flowchart

    This Flowchart shows the steps to take to become an Australian Apprentice, as well as useful links to help along the way.

  • The Pathway to Employing an Australian Apprentice - Flowchart

    This chart explains the step by step process of employing an Australian Apprentice as well as links to helpful websites.

  • INDUCTION Part 1: About the AAT Info Website - updated March 2016

    Download Part 1 of this 5 part staff induction resource. Part 1 covers the key content areas of this website. The document is available in 'Word' format to allow organisations to copy and paste the information into their own induction resources.

  • INDUCTION Part 2: About Training Packages - updated March 2016

    Attached is part 2 of 5 of these MS Word based staff induction materials. This section provides a general overview of Training Packages.

  • INDUCTION Part 3: Key Organisations - updated March 2016

    In Part 3 of 5 of these induction materials the major roles of some of the key organisations involved in the implementation of Australian Apprenticeships are outlined.

  • INDUCTION Part 4: Australian Apprenticeships Statistics - updated September 2016

    Part 4 of 5 of these materials provides some overview Australian Apprenticeships statistics.

  • INDUCTION Part 5: VET Resources - updated July 2015

    Part 5 (the final part) of these materials provides links to major National and State and Territory resources about VET.