The Workplace Guides area provides information and links to resources and services that assist Employers, Apprentices and Trainees undertaking an Australian Apprenticeship.

What happens when you start work? What is expected of an Australian Apprentice or any employee? Here are some tips on how to approach the workplace.

  • Choose the right apprenticeship or traineeship for you
  • Attend and perform your work professionally
  • Take care of the workplace and its resources
  • Respect the rights of other employees
  • Be committed to attending and participating in training sessions
  • Communicate regularly with your supervisor and mentor or coach
  • Achieve the competencies spelt out in your training plan
There are some links to national organisations or initiatives below. Links to State and Territory specific information can be found in the menu items to the left. Click around and you'll find that there are resources that you can contact if you have questions or issues.

  • Fair Work Ombudsman - Apprentices and Trainees

    Wages information for apprentices or trainees from the Fair Work Ombudsman.

  • MoneySmart

    MoneySmart: videos, case studies, information and tools to help young people make smarter financial decisions.

  • Young Worker Information

    Information for young workers on their rights at work from the Fair Work Ombudsman. Things like minimum wages and other conditions (like leave, breaks, allowances and hours of work) are all protected by the law.

  • The Pathway to an Australian Apprenticeship - Flowchart

    This Flowchart shows the steps to take to become an Australian Apprentice, as well as useful links to help along the way.

  • Group Training Organisations

    If you are undertaking your apprenticeship or traineeship through a Group Training Organisation (GTO) you can contact them with questions or workplace issues.

    If you can't remember the name of the GTO (it should be on the Training Agreement you signed when you started work), click through to search all GTOs by State or Territory.

  • OzHelp Foundation

    The OzHelp Foundation is a not for profit, community based mental health support organisation with a focus on suicide prevention in industry workplaces. This is done through early intervention training and assistance that instils social capabilities and life skills in people.

    Contact 1300 OZHELP (1300 694 357) or email:

  • Trade Licence Recognition - for those working in Australia

    Contact details for licensing and other authorities by trade and state or territory.